Monday, May 24, 2010

Are paper toilet rolls good?

Are paper toilet rolls good for my hamster to chew on?
They are NO paper toilet on it.
They sure are! I've had hamsters for 15 years and they all loved it. But you know what's even better? Paper towel rolls, cut in half. They're a little thicker and provide more chewing resistance for the little guys. If you have a big enough enclosure and your 'sters are trim enough to go through them and not get stuck, putting a whole paper towel roll in their enclosure is good fun for them too. Just make sure your enclosure is big enough and won't get stuck against the edges and trap them inside. Like with anything you put in their enclosure, make sure it's safe to have it in there. Have fun!!
my rats did it my friends hamsters did too. all where fine :)
It should be fine, just make sure there is not any glue on it. They sell basically the same thing in petstores, although they'd be better off with something like Hamsteroids for chewing.
yes they love it and will chew it up and then snuggle down for a nap in it :)
i give them to my guinea pig all the time, and he loves it. he likes to thrash it around like a dog with a stuffed animal or a snake, but more up and dowm, not so violent. they can eat a bit, but remember to keep enough food in there , as they will eat it of they get hungary insted of jus chewing it. tell ur hammie o have fun! good luck and God bless.
they're fine, hamsters love them
yes...i have 3 hamsters,2 mice, %26 1 guinapig... and they all cew on toilet paper rolls..,lol :)
Yes, they love toilet paper rolls. Even if there is a little paper left on it, they'll like it. My hams have always used the extra paper for their nests. :)
yes they love them!
Ya, its natural it doesn't hurt them at all they have fun going through them and chewing on them helps their teeth from getting to big.
yes. it is very good. It can a hiding place for them, and it helps them to trim their teeth to ^^ good luck :)
Good Luck

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