Monday, May 24, 2010

Are Petsmart gerbils male or female?

I am planning on getting a pair of gerbils this summer. I've been reading about them on the AGS website and I think that I'm ready to get a pair of females.
I really, really would like to get them from a breeder, but there aren't any breeders in my area (Kansas).
I think that I will have to get them from Petsmart, even though I hate to support big pet stores like that.
My question is this: I haven't been able to get to the petstore lately. Does anyone know if the gerbils that Petsmart carries are male, female, or both? Also--how much do they cost?
Well IDK bout the genders, but last time I checked they range from $40- $60. That was at a specialty pet store, so they might be cheaper at Petsmart.
It depends on what store you have, some have male rodents some female never both do to breeding.You would have to call that store to find out which they have. And they might be 6.99 maybe?
My friend went the other day and said they only had male hamsters and gerbils. It ma have been just that store, but she also lies a lot! She's trying to get me to get a gerbil instead of a hamster so I think that's another reason as to why she said that. So, I'm not to sure if this helped, but good luck! About the prices, well I think they range from $15-$25
call petsmart and ask them that way you know if they have what you want for the price you want it. that is what i would do.
I have a pair of female gerbils myself, and PetSmart is NOT the place to go. Just to get a set of gerbils plus the cage, food and the bedd ing and accessories it is about $120 at PetSmart. Pet Co only costs like $50 for everything. the gerbils are about $6 a peice where I live.
So remember that and you will be okay.
((HINT)) If your gerbils fight when you first get them in the same cage, that is totally natural. so don't worry. give it about 2 hours and they'll sleep together.
Good Luck With Your New Gerbils,
ask the person there if its male or female. aslo gerbils cost about 10$ to 20$
Each petsmart store only carries one sex of each species. You need to call the store and find out whether they carry male or females. If they have males try the next closest store. You have a 50-50 chance that they will have the gender you're looking for! Good luck. : )
Each petsmart store only carries one sex, so you would have to call your petsmart to find out which sex they carry, I think they used to be about $7 when I worked there. We used to get some very pretty colors in.
A word of advice, dont waste time on a plastic cage like a habitrail or similar, gerbils are voracious chewers and will chew out of it in time. Your best bet is a plain either 10 gallon or 20 gallon long aquarium with a very secure metal mesh lid. I have known of gerbils to rub their noses raw in wire cages. Also stay far, far away from cedar shavings for their bedding, it can cause respiratory problems in them.
I had 5 gerbils that came from petsmart after a customer put a rat in with the gerbils and it bit off their tails, they have since changed the setup so that cant happen again. but the 5 females lived together in a large aquarium for a few years. they had a wire mesh wheel, to run in and a bell brand water bottle with a metal hanger. they never managed to chew through the bell bottle but they went through five or six regular water bottles before i finally figured it out.
Good luck and have fun with your gerbils!
Like others have said, it's different for each store. They either have one or the other, never both ( unless they have a shipping error and get on by mistake, which gets kept alone in the back untill moved to another store or sold )
At PetSmart gerbils are $9.99 doesnt matter which sex they are.
As for the quality, you can tell how well the animals are taken care of in the store. Just go in and look at them, then talk to some of the pet specialists in the store, ask them some questions about them. You can usually tell right away if they know what they are doing or not.
I have worked in a few different PetSmarts, and most of them actually took excelent care of their animals, they only hired people who knew what they were doing.
If you still don't want to get them from PetSmart, get ahold of a few different breeders, try to fine ones closest to Kansas and talk to them about shipping...a lot of them are willing to ship, you just have to pay cost.
I hope this helps...GOOD LUCK!

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